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Friday, November 13, 2009

Vietnam Shabbaton with Hank Webb

On Friday November 13, Shaloh House Chabad of the South Area hosted a Friday night Shabbat dinner with special guest Hank Webb and author of the book "Loyal Soldier." Mr. Webb served in Vietnam and experienced his first Shabbat there. He talked about his extraordinary experience of his Shabbat which ultimately saved his life and the lives of many others. More than 60 people were present to exchange questions and answers. Mr. Webb returned on Saturday night for more discussion and to sell and autograph his book.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shaloh Hebrew School presents the Jewish Home Fair

Jewish Home Fair

On Sunday November 8, the Shaloh House Hebrew School presented a "Jewish Home Fair" demonstrating the unique quality of the Jewish home. Each class presented their theme on the Jewish Home; the Mezuzah, The Kosher kitchen, the Jewish bookcase, the Jewish bedroom and the Jewish china closet. All the parents and guest enjoyed viewing the creative displays and activities games to explore the special details of each subject.

Click here to view more photos from this event.

September 3, 2009

Its back to school for Shaloh House Preschool & Kindergarten

On Thursday September 3rd families new and old gathered at Shaloh House to kick off the school year with a back to school barbecue. It was to give an opportunity for the families and their children to "wet their feet" for the new school year. New families utilized the time to meet other families and the teaching staff at Shaloh House.

"What better way to showcase our school than with kosher hot dogs and hamburgers" said Rabbi Gurkow, Executive Director of Shaloh House. "Now that the children have tested the swings and the playground they can easily make the transition into the new school day."

In the last ten years the preschool & kindergarten has grown from 25 children to nearly 60 children. Rabbi Gurkow attributes the growth to the consistency and organization of the program directed by Marilyn Rabinovitz, as well as the continuity of the teaching staff. Some of the teachers have been with Shaloh House for over ten years, and for parents, this shows a program of consistency and continuity.

A year ago, Shaloh House completed its building expansion with new state-of-the-art classrooms enhancing the ability to provide professional care to the children and their families. Shaloh House is proud of its commitment to the environment and nutrition, serving fresh fruit and veggies for snack and supporting a strong recycling policy. Shaloh House is licensed by the Department of Early Child Care.

Shaloh House is now the only Jewish Preschool & Kindergarten in Stoughton following the closing of the Stoughton Striar JCC preschool program last June. At Shaloh House there is a strong emphasis on Jewish culture and history while providing a strong concentration on individual attention, growth and development.

Only a few spaces remain open in the Shaloh House Preschool and Kindergarten and enrollment is already active for the 2010-11 school year. For information or to schedule a visit please contact Director Marilyn Rabinovitz at the school office at 781 344-6334, or you may visit the website at

July 17, 2009

Bat Mitzvah Discovery Course

Bat Mitzvah Discovery

Shaloh House Chabad of the South Area has completed its annual Bat Mitzvah Discovery program, an 8 week training course for Bat Mitzvah girls as they enter the age of Jewish adulthood.

10 girls participated in learning the exclusive role of Jewish women, their history and their vital contribution to religious continuity throughout all generations. The class culminated on the last day with Chalah baking and the art of braiding Chalah, an important component of the weekly Shabbat celebration.

The girls will now advance to their own individual Bat Mitzvah celebration marking their transition to an age of responsibility and accountability.

Many of these girls have received their full Jewish education and training at Shaloh House Chabad preschool from a very young age, than moving on through the Shaloh House Hebrew School and now Bat Mitzvah. They came from all over the South Area from Stoughton, Sharon, Easton and Canton. They will now join various teen programs at Shaloh House Chabad, which are geared to hold the tie between teens and the Jewish culture and observance they have come to learn and appreciate.

June 20, 2009

Shaloh House Synagogue Honors Bnei Mitzvah

On Shabbat June 20th, the Shaloh House synagogue honored the Bnei Mitzvah of the year. The honorees were Jacob Ben-David, Ben Almekies, Rachel Asulin, Elias Tamarkin, Sam Stewart and Kyle Benson who each celebrated their Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Shaloh House during the last year. Each of the honorees were given special honors during the service, and the Devar Torah was delivered by Rachel Asulin. Rabbi Gurkow thanked them for their participation with the Synagogue and impressed upon them the understanding that they are the future pillar of Shaloh House and to be encouraged in continuing their Mitzvot.

In an impressive show of support, a very large number of people attended services to welcome and honor the Bnei Mitzvah at Shaloh House.

June 14, 2009

Shaloh House Trip to New York

On Sunday June 14th we went for a group tour to visit Jewish New York and the historic sites of Chabad. At first the group paid tribute at the resting place of the Lubavitch Rebbe, and after lunch we proceeded to the Headquarters of Chabad in Brooklyn highlighted by a moment of prayer and reflection in the private study of the Rebbe.

Outside Chabad Headquarters, 770
Visiting a scribe at work

After a full tour of the Jewish Children’s Museum and shopping on historic Kingston Av. we visited a scribe in action writing a Torah scroll, and ended the day with a gourmet Kosher dinner at Dougie's in Brooklyn.

A total of 18 people joined the trip, and for everyone it was a combination of soul searching and a sampling of Jewish life in a Brooklyn Community.

Shaloh House organizes such groups every year. Please join us in June 2010 for our next tour to New York.

June 7, 2009

Mitzvah Mall

On Sunday June 7th, Shaloh House, celebrated its last day of Hebrew School at the "Mitzvah Mall." The students enjoyed a "Mitzvah fair" with many different activity booths, games and races, based on Jewish history and culture. They acquired points for use to buy prizes at the auction that followed. Also, the winner of the year long jeopardy game was announced. The school year was rounded off with awards for every student and ice cream to enjoy.

Doing the morning prayer in the Synagogue
Eitan Golden is presenting his numbers for a hopeful reward

Hebrew School enrollment is now ongoing, please visit our Hebrew School section on this web page or call us at 781 344-6334.

May 12, 2009

Lag B'Omer Carnival

On Tuesday May 12, 2009 Shaloh House held its annual Lag B'Omer party and carnival on a beautiful sunny afternoon. More than 120 people enjoyed food, carnival rides and a Bon-Fire in celebration of Lag B'Omer.

May 6, 2009

Working with Sensitive Children

On May 6, 2009 more than 30 interested parents gathered to hear Natasha Edelhause, Family therapists, tackle many common issues relating with sensitive and troubled children. The discussions continued well into the night. Mrs. Edelhause and her husband are active members of Shaloh House and are parents of the Shaloh House Hebrew School, she graciously contributed her time for this important session.

March 29, 2009

Passover Workshop

On Sunday March 29, 2009 Shaloh House hosted a Passover information family program, with separate parts for parents and children. Rabbi Gurkow led a parent discussion exploring various traditions conducted at the Passover Seder while the children were working on a Passover activity with Chava Vorst. This was one of several such Holiday series throughout the year.

Prior to Pesach separate Model Matzah Baking activities were held for the Preschool and for the Hebrew School, with the children actively involved in the baking process of the Passover Matzah.

March 7, 2009

Bat Mitzvah Shabbaton

For the weekend of March 7, Shaloh House held a Shabbaton for Bat Mitzvah age girls who came together to participate in the spirit of Shabbat. They participated in services, enjoyed the Shabbat meals at the home of Rabbi & Chana Gurkow, and spent the Shabbat in planned games and activities with coordinator Chava Vorst. Most of the girls also stayed overnight. For most of the girls it was their first real Shabbat experience and a great way to learn how others celebrate and observe the Shabbat.

Within the coming months, they will begin a special Bat Mitzvah discovery course as preparation for their Bat Mitzvah, to be introduced to the values and history of Jewish women as they enter the age of adulthood.

March 5, 2009

Children visit Heights Crossing for Purim

Children getting ready to enter the senior assistant living.

On Thursday March 5th, the Preschool & Kindergarten children visited the Heights Crossing Assisted Living in Brockton were they sang some Purim songs, delighted the residents with their costumes and handed out the bags as of Purim food and Hamantashen, a triangle-shaped cookie.

The program was designed to connect generations together in a fun and constructive environment. The children discovered that there are some seniors that don’t have family to visit them, and how important it is to bring a smile and cheer up the residents on this very joyous holiday. They learned how important they are in the lives of their grandparents.

One of the parents who chaperoned the trip commented: "This was such a great way to connect different generations! My children don’t have grandparents living nearby, they loved the attention the residents gave them, and in return, enjoyed chatting with them and telling them all about their school. I would love to come back again to visit here with my children!"

Shaloh House, an NAEYC accredited Preschool and Kindergarten, strives to provide programs geared to cultivate the whole community. Using the Jewish Holidays is one great way to connect children with older generations as well.

Our next Holiday event, geared to families will be on Sunday March 29 at 3:00pm. Children will be working on a Passover project while adults are learning how to create a more meaningful Seder. This event is open to the community.

For more information on Shaloh House, visit us at: or call: 781-344-6334.

March 3rd, 2009

Intergenerational Purim at Shaloh House

Jacob Spodek wth Grandfather Louis Weinstein
Joseph Mark with aunt Tricia Stewart
Jennifer Kalik with grandfather Gil Spack
Amit Drory with special guest Yael
Nicholas Belmonte with Grandmother Irene Belmonte
Tzipora Chernin with Grandfather Ken Kandler

Purim is a time to celebrate with children, but what about children celebrating with seniors?

Erica Gorelik with Grandfather Vladimir

This is exactly how the Children at Shaloh House began their Purim celebration. On Tuesday March 3rd, The Shaloh House Preschool & Kindergarten children invited their grandparents and special family guests to celebrate together. They engaged in interactive activities packing Purim baskets for distribution on the holiday.

Purim is a Holiday celebrating the triumph of Queen Esther and Mordechei in ancient Persia, from the deadly plans of Haman. The Jews successfully overturned Haman’s decrees, and he was killed instead. The Holiday is celebrated with reading the story of Purim, dressing in costumes, sending gifts to friends and participating in a festive meal.

March 1st, 2009

Director is honored after 10 years of service at local Preschool

Marilyn Rabinovitz was honored on Sunday March 1st at Shaloh House Chabad of the South Area for a decade of service. Over the past nine years, she has held the position of Preschool & Kindergarten Director at Shaloh House in Stoughton.

Many friends and family came together for an afternoon reception to offer their gratitude for her service. Rabbi Mendel Gurkow, Executive Director of Shaloh House, credits her success in part to her desire to embrace and participate in all of the varied facets of Shaloh House and not only in the programs of the school. Teacher and associate Ruth Freeman remarked about how Ms. Rabinovitz was not just a supervisor or co-worker but a true friend. Leslie Cain-Tamarkin also talked about the caring nature and friendship of Ms. Rabinovitz. Leslie stated that if need be "You can count on her at all hours of the night." Alison Rosen stated how Shaloh House and Marilyn provided her children a nurturing and safe environment. Other parents expressed feelings about their true sense of trust when leaving their children under the care of Marilyn.

Under her direction the Shaloh House Preschool & Kindergarten has grown steadily. The Preschool & Kindergarten has this year reached a milestone regarding the number of children enrolled. Students at the school comprise a diverse population both multi-denominational and multi-cultural.

Due to the increased enrollment demands and the growth of the program, Shaloh House has just completed a new building addition with state-of-the-art classrooms and amenities. The Preschool and Kindergarten program concentrates on the whole child; the development of their motor skills and knowledge base as well as their social interaction skills with peers. The school also emphasizes the beauty of the Jewish traditions and its holidays through its curriculum.

The tribute event was organized by Alison Rosen and Marlene Epstein, members of the Shaloh House Women’s Group. Parents and friends dedicated a "leaf" on the Tree-Of-Life at Shaloh House in honor of Ms. Rabinovitz, to commemorate this occasion.

Shaloh House is a Community Jewish Outreach Center. In addition to the Preschool & Kindergarten, it operates a Hebrew School, Synagogue, Lending Library and sponsors various Community Access Programs. For more information or to schedule an appointment to visit the facility call 781 344-6334 or visit the website at

February 8th, 2009

Shaloh House Hebrew School collects for needy families

In the picture children stand with Rabbi Gurkow alongside the gift packages they donated for the needy families. (From left to right) Rabbi Gurkow, Grant Bernice, Alexia Levy, Adi Edelhaus, Julie Edelhaus, William Rosen and Max Rosen.

Shaloh House Hebrew School families recently collected Shabbat packages to be distributed to needy families in conjunction with the Greater Boston Jewish Family & children's services.

"This was intended to be more than just a charity collection," said Rabbi Gurkow, Executive Director of Shaloh House, "but to be an educational exercise for the children, to develop an understanding of the importance of helping others in need." The children were actively involved in the gathering and packaging of the Shabbat gifts, each with a personal flavor. Some included additional items for Shabbat such as candle holders or Challah covers. Some even wrote personal messages to the unknown recipients.

Shaloh House Chabad of the South Area has been operating a Hebrew School in Stoughton for over 20 years. It differs from ordinary Hebrew Schools by emphasizing a stimulating approach to education, with the goal to instill in the children the true joy and spirit of Judaism. The children are motivated through contests, activities and challenges, with Jeopardy sessions, Aleph Champ curriculum and holiday programs such as the Purim play to take place on March 9th.

Chava Vorst, a teacher at the Hebrew School, who directed the food collection was overwhelmingly impressed with the outcome of the program, "it was heartwarming to see the children rise to the occasion and help someone who may not be as fortunate as them."

Shaloh House Chabad welcomes all families from the South Area, no membership is necessary. An open house is scheduled for Sunday, March 15th at 9:00am. You may find out more about Shaloh House by visiting or calling (781) 344-6334.

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